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Soul Refreshing by strangecondition Soul Refreshing :iconstrangecondition:strangecondition 23 13 In His Time by strangecondition In His Time :iconstrangecondition:strangecondition 605 153
Starry Night
A starry night, I sit and write,
the full moon's rays upon me glow.
The words come deep, as you all sleep,
they're meant for you, I hope they show.
Inside each ray as you all gaze,
upon same moon, as I now see.
A little lot of love put there,
and you should take some, as it's free.
So everytime you peer at moon,
you'll know what I have put inside.
When all around you seems so bad,
that sadness makes you run and hide.
The love I put is always there,
to fill that empty lonely part.
If you will put it deep inside,
it's medicine to heal your heart.
:iconpoetmorte:poetmorte 18 126
Equality or No?
If today were a day that the sun did
Not shine, that smelt of wine and fine turpentine
With colours rainbowed as they drift amid
A thousand young chances, a sweetness short-lived
As night bloomed and blowed in the short winter's breath,
Even hours unable to conquer this test
And settle into a new kind of death
As realizations start to slip through the mist
If darkness could cease and night turn to day
The stars and the moon, would they all drift away?
For light and dark, as says the old cliché,
Could not exist without the other's strange ways
As only the snowdrops that litter the snow
Break and shatter as new grass is grown
For they are the ones for the young to know
As purity speaks from both heather and heart
As both sides of the world are so far torn apart
:iconathazagoraphobias:Athazagoraphobias 4 13
A bare stage.  GUY 1 is standing CENTRE stage.
GUY 2 [entering].  Hey.
GUY 1.  Hey.
GUY 2.  What's going on?
GUY 1.  I'm watching that burning house over there.
GUY 2.  What burning house?
GUY 1.  It's offstage.
GUY 2.  Oh.
GUY 1.  But it's there.
GUY 2.  What for?
GUY 1.  It's a plot device.
GUY 2.  A what?
GUY 1.  A plot device.  Something introduced to the narrative in order to advance it.  In this case, a burning house.
GUY 2.  Oh.  How's that working out?
GUY 1.  Well, you showed up.
GUY 2.  Is it a symbol or something?
GUY 1.  Probably.
GUY 2.  I don't get it.
GUY 1.  Yeah, neither do I.
GUY 2.  I don't think I like this plot device.
GUY 1.  Give it some time.  Sit down, have a smoke.
GUY 2.  I do
:iconbarnabus:barnabus 385 301
The avoidance of an entire town is difficult, especially a very small town, a small town that I happened to grow up in. There is only one supermarket, one crusty movie rental shop, a few damned churches and banks, a handful of breakfast restaurants inhabited by retired people—the bare minimum number of places to successfully allow for a secluded existence. The "downtown" area is a joke, though the signs on the one main drag seem hell-bent on asserting its importance, calling the area "historic." Options are limited, and the people are, too. This is the kind of town that breeds the kind of people who can't think of a good reason to leave the town, and never do, save for maybe a short vacation to a neighboring coastal attraction, like the Lalport Aquarium, to feed the spotted seals.
Today is turning out to be an unfortunate one. Not lucky. It takes luck to live in this town and to be sane, and today I don't have it. I already had to slip down the ORGANIZATION aisle at Office
:iconthatpartydress:thatpartydress 6 14
Finished Horse by coloredkoolaid Finished Horse :iconcoloredkoolaid:coloredkoolaid 4 8
Poetry is to words what Vodka is to Beer:
It is a condensed form that gives the same effect but in a stronger dose.
It's a means to express a moment in time,
Captured by the writer's awe in the subject and the need to define it some how.
All poetry is therefore, is consciousness splashed on a page,
Like a stream of essence that one's feelings can flow through.
Likewise, the stream of poetry can often be drank from,
By those who can identify with its peculiar taste.
This is my river,
My stream,
My splashed consciousness;
But maybe moreso, my expression of a moment in time.
My moment in time.
I hope you can identify with its peculiar taste, too.
:icondovejames:DoveJames 7 6
Coffee 2 by twin-dragon Coffee 2 :icontwin-dragon:twin-dragon 1 2 Coffee by twin-dragon Coffee :icontwin-dragon:twin-dragon 6 2



Artist | Photography
United States
Current Residence: Conflict
Personal Quote: "Draw thy tool. My naked weapon is out."


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